mobile car
hit corporation
Even only each part can be sold. Please inquire in detail.
It achieves it by "One-making" of Japan.
It is the first product in the world.
  bot It is a Catering of Wargen specification.
VW frame use for trust
bot It makes it from FRP. (The following refer to FRP. )
It reinforces it with the iron frame.
sikaku The engine is not piled up.
sikaku It is possible to remodel it various options.
sikaku Progress report GALLERY

frp front wagen frp wagen in door
frp wagen frame frp front off color

The price : from 1,680,000 yen (14,000 dollars).
Please inquire in detail.

This is a new car. Wargembas specification.
It completed it.
The engine is not attached to this car.
However, there are a lot of advantages.
The maintenance expense is cheap and easy.
The saving is easy, and painting is also easy.
Light, enough strength
There is no corrosion because they are all FRP.
It is indoors safe because the oil leakage is not worried.
The driver's seat part can be flatly used.
 The disadvantage?
Self-propelled cannot be done.
  However, is the engine necessary for the catering service and the recreational vehicle?
It is possible to usually run by the license also in the expressway if it pulls it. It is not suitable for the usage in which it runs all day long, and fit in the usage that is fixed after it moves and used.

■ What is "FRP"
FRP is to abbreviate Fiber Reinforced Plastics. Strength is remarkably improved by reinforcing plastic by using the fiber and the resin, and it is used in various fields like the motorcycle, the car, the railway, the construction industry, and the medical treatment field, etc. including space and the airline industry. In the car, it is used also for the Corvette and Speedstar, etc.

Characteristic of  FRP
  • It is excellent in weather resistance, heatproof, and chemical resistance.
  • There is electric nonconductivity and it is excellent in the electric wave penetration.
  • It is excellent in adiabaticity.
  • It is possible to correspond to the production of various shape, and coloring is free.
  • It is very excellent in lightness and strength.
front wagen side wagen
in wagen side frp